VPN For Android

Now VPN Gator offers VPN for Android. If you want to use your phone through public Wi-Fi spots or even through hotspots then you must ensure your privacy. Especially if you are on a trip out of your country and you want to access your home media files securely then you must use a secure VPN connection.

Many people knows about the potential risk of unsecure internet traffic so they avoid to send their email or instant messages through normal internet connections and prefer SSL encrypted internet connections. These days many free tools are available to decrypt the data so security must be your priority on such public spots.

Apart from this high priority risk, you get additional benefits by using VPN for android. As you know commercialization has increased so many online services like TV channels or even some games websites put geographical restrictions on their users.

With VPN connection you become a national of whole world and enjoys the benefit of anonymous internet surfing. You can login to the IP of your desired country and become virtual national to surf all the entire websites which were blocking you earlier. In a nutshell VPN not only gives you security for internet surfing but also makes you Global National to enjoy the world on your Android phone.