Now connect to internet with extra security of VPN Gator with our easy to use VPN services. We offer solutions for all OS and multiple platforms to give you more space.

  • Quick installation with easy to use dialer
  • VPN Gator supports all major operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Supports multiple platforms, like desktop, laptop, cell phone, PDAs, iPhone, iPad, Android
  • NO special knowledge is required to use our VPN
  • No contracts and no setup fee
  • Reliability

    Thing which we focus on much is the reliability. We ensure VPN services with utmost reliability.

  • Shared IP VPN services with 99% uptime
  • With VPN Gator you get facility to unlock all VOIP and P2P applications like skype
  • You get access to all geographical websites bypassing the local internet restrictions. Now enjoy favorite sites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Multiple payment options available with easy to manage client area
  • Security

    When it comes to VPN security VPN Gator comes with all necessary you need to have for anonymous internet surfing.

  • Complete privacy with 1024-2048-bit strong encryption
  • Anonymous surfing on public places like open Wi-Fi Hotspots at airports hotels etc.
  • No provider logs to ensure your secure connection
  • Security for all programs that you use like ICQ, Email, FTP etc.
  • What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
    Virtual Private Network technology works on the basics of tunneling that establish and maintain a logical network connection. In this VPN connection packets are developed in a particular protocol format that are put into a nut shell of some other carrier and is transmitted between server and VPN client.

    Difference Between VPN and Proxy Servers
    With VPN all programs that are installed on your computer work automatically while in case of proxy servers software support for proxy connection is required.
    You enjoy definite security with advanced encryption and authentication protocols which secures data from unauthorized access so you get anonymous web surfing to unblock sites.

    Why Choose VPN Gator?
    We provide PPTP, L2TP IPSec VPN services. With our easy to use vpn services you can add maximum privacy and security to your internet surfing. Most commonly VPN is used for peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, IRC chat rooms, online games, unblock skype, watch international TV channels.
    With VPN Gator you can easily bypass local internet connection restriction and surf web anonymously. We provide 128bit strong encryption with unlimited bandwidth.